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Improving DEI in the profession and association is one of APTA's strategic priorities.

Our strategic plan includes an objective to foster the long-term sustainability of the physical therapy profession by making APTA an inclusive organization that reflects the diversity of the society the profession serves.

Some of our association's current activities include:

  • Expanding student recruitment efforts through our diversity pipelines project.
  • Increasing DEI fundraising through our Campaign for Future Generations.
  • Creating a standing committee to provide strategic counsel on DEI.

And we want to hear from you! Use the DEI activity report form to share your actions to improve DEI within the profession and association so we can identify changemakers and best practices.

Email to share your ideas for how to improve DEI within our physical therapy community.

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APTA is committed to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the association, profession, and society.

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It's All About Your Patients

You know how important it is to meet your patients where they are. Hone your ability to provide culturally competent care that's so crucial ensuring patient trust and comfort with you as their provider.

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